79-year-old golfer breaks Guinness World Record at driving range

A 79-year-old Arizona golfer broke a world record and raised money for charity by hitting 1,050 drives at least 200 yards inside a 35-yard grid.

Bob Kurtz, whose Guinness World Records include golfing 1,850 holes in one week, went to the TopGolf Scottsdale driving range on Thursday to attempt to hit 1,000 drives in 12 hours.

Kurtz, nicknamed “Golf’s Ironman,” said Guinness rules stipulated each of his drives had to travel at least 200 yards and remain within a 35-yard-wide grid.

The record attempt raised money for A New Leaf, a charity offering domestic violence, homelessness, behavioral health and youth programs.

Kurtz ended up hitting a total 1,050 qualifying drives and finished the record attempt 90 minutes before the 12-hour time limit expired.