David Tepper listed as richest NFL owner, with net worth of $14.5 billion

David Tepper remains the NFL’s richest owner, and he’s gotten a lot richer lately.

Tepper’s net worth is listed at $14.5 billion on the latest Forbes billionaires list, which indicates that his net worth has risen by 21 percent since last year. The Panthers’ revenue may have declined along with the rest of the NFL’s, but Tepper’s hedge funds have done well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NFL’s next-richest is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, with an estimated net worth of $8.9 billion.

Following Jones is Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who has dropped down to “only” $8.2 billion, with Forbes estimating he has lost 18 percent of his wealth in the last year.

Next among the NFL’s richest owners are Jacksonville’s Shahid Khan ($8 billion), Miami’s Stephen Ross ($7 billion), New England’s Robert Kraft ($6.9 billion) and Atlanta’s Arthur Blank ($6.2 billion).

All of the NFL’s owners combined aren’t as rich as Jeff Bezos, who is listed as the world’s richest person at $177 billion.